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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reading Resolutions for 2013

Now that my year-end recap for 2012 is done, I thought I'd set some reading goals for 2013.  While I plan to continue doing my "deadline reading" (books connected to author visits and other special events), I wanted my free reading to be a bit more structured.  With that in mind, these are my aims for the year.  I'll be keeping track on this website's "Reading Resolutions" page.

Professional Development
I'm defining "professional development" as any book written for the adult market about reading and/or education for ages 0 to 18.

Series Completion
I'm in the middle of so many series, many of which I could currently finish if I made the time.

Newbery Winners
I resolved to start reading through these last year and never got underway.

Classics on the Kobo
With my new smartphone with Kobo app, access to the classics is ridiculously easy, and I'd like to make some headway on the gaps left by my (apparently strange) high school and college required reading.

What are your reading resolutions?

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