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Monday, May 7, 2012

Because Your Mommy Loves You

Your mommy could do everything for you, but instead she helps you learn to do it yourself.  Because she loves you.

Because Your Mommy Loves You by Andrew Clements, illustrated by R.W. Alley, is my Mother's Day pick.

This book presents one overall scenario (a camping trip) with lots of components (shopping for supplies, putting up the tent, etc.) that offers lots of new challenges for kids.  At each step, when Mommy is asked for help, instead of taking over, she acts as instructor and guides the young boy to self-sufficiency.  This is perfect for kids who are getting more and more responsibilities of their own, but wonder why Mom can't just do it for them.  The reasoning is presented in a gentle, and, yes, loving way and emphasizes that the mother-child relationship will remain strong even if you don't depend on Mom for everything anymore.

Because Your Mommy Loves You is published by Clarion Books and retails for $16.99 (hardcover).  I read an advance readers copy provided by the publisher (although this review was not solicited).  You can get yours at Left Bank today!

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