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Friday, December 2, 2011

Symphony City

On her way to an orchestra concert, a young girl gets lost and instead discovers the rhythms of everyday life in the city.

Symphony City by Amy Martin is Left Bank Books' holiday pick for Best Picture Book for Girls.

While the story here is simple and sweet, the real impact is in the artwork.  The woodcut-style illustrations practically explode off the pages with vibrant colors.  As we travel from the subway up to the rooftops, percussionists, string players and even some ballet dancers show each tableau's inherent rhythm.  The visualization of musical concepts is done effectively with minimal fuss.  You can see the nameless main character's confidence build until she is comfortable in her urban environment--even though the warmth of home is still best.  This book is great for helping kids growing up in the city to see the beauty all around them.  As a bonus, the dust jacket folds out to make a double-sided poster.

Symphony City is published by McSweeney's McMullens and retails for $17.95.  I got my copy by picking it up off the shelves for a few minutes.  You can get yours from Left Bank Books today!

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